Battery health checker

Check the health of your battery with a simple and very important report interface that prevents you from a bad and swollen battery or at the end of its life which can damage your phone.

Features (very useful):

Light file size (3MB).

Shows the most important information about your phone in real time:

Information on health, temperature changes, blood pressure and technology.

Using the battery (system shortcut) to force applications to run in real time so as not to consume a charge.

Detects problems and displays a report in a notification. (flow)

Visual display, manage, monitor and speed up, useful when playing games in your smartphone for a long time and drains.

Quick access to system parameters related to consumption, level or energy savings (Wi-Fi, data, brightness, application, etc.), estimated autonomy, remaining time, STAMINA mode, maintenance, precise estimate of the remaining charge.

Black background or wallpaper, energy optimization, smart use.

Analysis, repair, boost, full charge, correction, economizer, indicator percentage.